Best Way to Buy Mexican Car Insurance

If you are one of the thousands of Americans and Canadians who drive into Mexico every year, you need Mexican car insurance. This is because your American or Canadian one is not valid in Mexico. This essentially means if you enter Mexico with your car or a rental car, you are going to need another type of car insurance.

Why do you need new car insurance before entering Mexico?

You need a special kind of insurance for your trip to Mexico because the government there does not recognize American or Canadian auto insurance policies. So in the event that you are involved in an accident in Mexico, your auto insurance will not be able to cover the damages you suffered. And you may be arrested by the authorities in the country and your car gets impounded until the issue can be settled properly, which may take longer without a proper way to make the claim. 

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So if you are planning for a vacation or business trip to Mexico, you may want to ensure that your trip is not ruined by a lack of proper documentation. Additionally, the risks and costs you are likely to incur are massive to not buy Mexican car insurance before entering the country. Besides, a Mexican car insurance policy is quite inexpensive also.

There are many policy providers from whom you can buy the insurance online conveniently. You just get a quote, select buy, and then print the policy and you are done.

How to buy a Mexican Car Insurance

As mentioned above, you can easily buy a Mexican car insurance policy online from a trusted provider such as Mexican Insurance Store which offers coverage for cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and Motorcycles.

Typically, you will be asked to provide the following information:

The best part is, as you can tell from the above, you will not need to provide too much information on your driving record before getting the insurance cover. It is also possible to get other endorsements after buying Mexican car insurance, including roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and sometimes plane ticket coverage, should your car involve in an accident.

What are the car insurance requirements for driving around Mexico?

First, you need to carry your Mexican car insurance for you to be able to legally drive around in the country since liability coverage is compulsory.

Different regions in Mexico have a different amount of coverage.

Be sure to check the laws of the state you will be visiting in Mexico as it affects the amount of auto insurance you will need.

How much can Mexican auto insurance cost?

In Mexico, just like in the United States and Canada, insurance policies come in the form of packages that are differently priced, including daily, semi-annually, and annually. However, sometimes a daily package may cost as much as semi-annually package depending on how long you plan to stay in the country.

Generally, a car insurance policy in Mexico is cheaper than in the United States and Canada.

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How to file a claim in Mexico

In general, your insurance provider will handle your claims. After purchasing the policy online, you will be given telephone numbers you can call to register your claim if you get into an auto accident.

The insurance company will then send an inspector to the scene of the accident to check the damage. It is also advised to involve the police.

You must also adhere to all the requirements of your insurance policy so that your claim process can progress smoothly.

How about motorcycle

Motorcycles also require auto insurance in Mexico. The process of obtaining insurance for your motorcycle is the same as obtaining car insurance.

You will also be required to provide the make and model of your motorcycle before you are given the auto insurance.

At Mexican Insurance Store your premium will be refunded 100% if for whatever reasons you don't make the trip. All you need to do is send an email requesting for cancellation before the policy begins.

How about a rental car?

You will still need car insurance for your rental car in Mexico. The process of renting a car in Mexico is the same as in the United States and Canada.

Depending on where you rent your car from, the company should be able to provide their own rental car insurance coverage for their vehicles. For you to be on the safe side of the Mexican law, you should at least buy a liability portion of the insurance.