A New Roof Comes With A Slew Of Advantages

Due to the economic crisis, many people are deferring simple home maintenance to save money. These individuals are unaware that maintaining an old roof on a home or commercial building will result in the building owner losing money in the long run. People in the Southeast should seriously consider contacting a commercial roofing company to repair their roofs. Consider the high cost of maintaining an old roof to understand how repairing one's roofs can save money. If you want a good deal, get in touch with Storm Guard Franklin Roofing.

The Price of an Old Roof

One of the most significant purposes of a building's roof is to assist the owner in temperature regulation. The roof should keep heat inside the building during the winter months, not to be uncomfortable. The building owner will have to spend more money on heating if there is a leak in the roof that allows warm air to escape. In the summer, a leak allows cold air to escape, resulting in higher power bills as the air conditioner is used more often to compensate. On the other hand, a new roof would be free of cracks and will lower energy bills.

When a roof is neglected, there are some safety concerns to consider. A leaking roof that allows rain to enter encourages mold and mildew, which can cause allergies and respiratory issues. As a result, a new roof would protect the building's tenants' health while also saving the building owner money on medical bills. An old roof also poses a danger of collapse, which is a significant safety issue. This structure, designed to shield building occupants from the elements, is at risk of collapsing under the weight of natural disasters, hail, and strong winds as foundational elements deteriorate. It is better to employ a commercial roofing company to repair one's roof to avoid this form of physical damage.

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How a New Roof Saves Money for a Building Owner

As previously stated, a new roof will lower costs associated with heating and cooling bills, as well as medical bills arising from mildew or collapsing roofing structures. Another factor why a building owner would benefit from replacing the current roof is the rise in property prices.

A new roof has a 67 percent average return on investment (ROI), and according to a report by GAF Materials Corp., the roof accounts for up to 40% of a home's curb appeal. Suppose a commercial roofing company recently installed a repair. In that case, the owner of a personal or professional building may expect to earn even more for the property when it comes time to sell. It can also make it easier for the property owner to sell the home, a significant advantage in a market where properties can take years to sell. These are only a few of the cost savings that will accrue due to undertaking this required property maintenance. Call Storm Guard Roofing & Construction of Nashville if you want a job done right.


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