Pynx Multimedia Services - Live Stream and Virtual Events Service

Pynx Multimedia Services is a Brantford, Ontario, division of Pynx Productions that focuses on your company's online presence.

Pynx Multimedia Services

Live Events and Virtual Events

Extend your scope and turn your monthly message or annual presentation into a virtual experience with a live stream and virtual events service that can be viewed from your own home by your staff, customers, and audience.

Video Production Service

Video production service to record and to edit in-studio or on-location for your digital channel—multi-camera setups and HD recording technology, paired for professional video quality with our qualified technicians.

Web Designing Services

Do you want a new website to be developed or an existing one redesigned? The Pynx Media Creative Team specializes in visually engaging, mobile-friendly, search engine visibility optimized for websites and web creation.

Graphic Design Services

Do you want to take it to the next level with your visual presentation? In your images, tweets, and online vision, Pynx Media takes your designs and visual representation.


Pynx Multimedia

434A Lynden Road
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Brantford, ON
N3T 5M1, Canada