How big does a college backpack need to be?

Once you begin shopping according to your checklist for college stuff, always give a second thought on how big should a college backpack be to accommodate all your college gear. Choosing a bag based on convenience, durability and flexibility is always a wise decision than opting for the one that appears attractive.

What should be an average weight of your backpack?

Now, what makes a specific college backpack the right one? The right one is that which has fulfilled all the elements of comfort, sturdiness, and versatility. Most importantly, the average weight of a college backpack should be no more than 20% of a college student’s body weight.

College life means more study gear so how big should a college backpack be?

College life is a lot different from high school life. High school students do not encounter any profound hardships in carrying their study essentials all through the corridors and hallways to their classes. It is because their stuff mostly comprises of books and notebooks. However, in college the mode of studying changes with the introduction of technological gadgets that are essential for class presentations and projects.

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At this point, we need to carefully assess the size of the backpack since there will be lots of stuff that needs to be carried. College backpacks are different from the high school ones because you are expected to place your laptops, electronic devices along with several heavy textbooks for subjects and folders for assignments and notes.

Physical health affected with the wrong choice of backpack

All the way through the first two semesters, you will find yourself lifting your college backpack numerous times on your shoulder and carrying the heavy gear in it to your classes. All these actions can adversely affect your physical health and body posture. If you opt for a wrong bag or stuff burdening gear in it and fail to take in to account the average weight of a college backpack, you will find yourself in deep trouble.

Such improper use of college backpack will leave you to suffer from severe back and neck cramps, headaches, strained back muscles and weariness. Therefore, before shopping, prepare yourself regarding how big does a college backpack need to be to accommodate all your stuff and what would the average weight of a college backpack be after you have filled your stuff inside.

Choose the bag that accommodates your gear with comfort

If you want to make sure that the weight of a college backpack is evenly distributed on your shoulders, do not go for a messenger bag. One strap messenger bag is entirely out of the question if your college stuff comprises of tech and manual study gear. Messenger bags will force the weight of your backpack on only one shoulder. This will not only strain your back and shoulders but will also cause pain in your lower body frame that includes hips, ankles, and knees.

Most importantly, if you choose a leather messenger bag to appear more stylish and chic, remember that it cannot match the durability and sturdiness of a backpack.

A backpack with the excellent support system

Secondly, if you want to carry your backpack with ease then choose the one that provides a comfortable support system. Backpacks that have broad and padded shoulder straps adjust the average weight of a college backpack on your shoulders and allow you to carry college gear with much ease.

The weight of a college backpack can also be easily carried on your back if the backpack straps are correctly adjusted. If the backpack straps are carefully tailored, then your bag will be close to your back, and you will not lose balance if you are accidentally pushed around or get tripped.