Top 5 SEO Strategies for 2019

Is it time to assess your SEO strategies for 2019? SEO is an evolving part of ranking online assets with search engines. Nowadays, is not just about keywords, but a combination of unique content, on-page SEO, website technical elements, and backlinks. This article is provided by SEO company Peterborough.

Most business owners understand the importance of SEO, although it becomes challenging developing and implementing a proper SEO strategy. After all, it is not just adding new pages to the website and hope that it begins to show on page one of the search engines.

So, what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of adding all elements necessary to each single web page that can help them show up higher on search engines.

SEO company Peterborough

What is SEO strategy? It is the process of research, define opportunities and content creation that aligns with what users are searching for. By adding optimized content to your website, you are giving search engines – like Google, all the elements necessary to match you with consumers looking for your products and services.

When it comes to SEO strategies, the three top elements to keep in mind are:

On-page SEO - Content is king! Create unique content that speaks to the visitor and gives the search engines what they are looking for in terms of structure.

Off-page SEO - Always look for white hat ways to add high authority backlinks to your website.

Technical SEO - Nowadays the website backend code and structure are as important as the front-end content. There are many elements that are reviewed by the search engines while matching your website to the search query. Which leads to higher rankings.

5 SEO strategies to implement today:

  1. Keyword research. Look for keywords that have high search volume with medium/easy entry point. Make a list of short- and long-term keywords.
  2. Content review/creation. For new or existing pages, make sure the content has a balanced number of keywords used. From permalink structure to headings and images.
  3. Meta titles and description. Make sure your meta titles/descriptions do not exceed the maximum number of characters allowed. Anything over the maximum will not be read by the search engines. Make sure your titles/descriptions tell the user what the page is about and use your exact keyword at least once.
  4. It is important to add new content to your website at least once a month. This will show activity and keep requesting the search engine to re-visit your website.
  5. Review your data, check page/keyword rankings and overall SEO efforts.

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